Lady UMMOA places international community on notice: spring ball has been cancelled, not postponed

UMMOA flag An Italian organisation specialising in environmental protection, animals, and nature — connected with the European Commission Transparency Register of interest representatives, the Italian Department for EU Policies, the Italian Ministry of Health, and the Italian region of Lazio — has recently contacted the Governor of the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA™), asking whether a reciprocal agreement with the UMMOA is possible.

It is not the first time that such reciprocal agreements have been sought by Italian non-profit organisations. In the past the UMMOA has signed at least three different agreements or protocols. This latest organisation is only more impressive than the previous ones that have sought agreements or protocols with the UMMOA.

The Governor responded to the email by stating that the UMMOA, despite speaking Italian as one of its official languages; despite having citizens also on the Italian peninsula; no longer has any connection with Italy by means of real, tangible property. In the past, a part of the Fifth World Community (5WC) — a diaxenospitia (a global village or burgh) made up of the private properties of three micronations, and which is registered with Google as real and land-based municipality — was in Southern Italy, but this is no longer the case, and the UMMOA only has nominal representives in Italy, who do not assist it in any way, or even try to.

The Governor of the UMMOA further painted the picture in crude, but nonetheless realistic terms, by stating that the UMMOA is now closer to Africa with real territorial claims, and paradoxically it is even closer to Antarctica than Europe, or Italy, since the Governor has acted as a real Ambassador or Consul for one of the 11 indigenous natives of Antarctica in the past.

Yes, it is true: normally a micronation would not discourage the formation of these kinds of relationships, quite enviable even for Fourth World nations such as Somaliland. However, the Governor of the UMMOA no longer considers Italy a sovereign state, as in some ways even the UMMOA — a micronation, not a microstate — enjoys greater sovereignty, and without the prospect of genuine paradiplomatic commitments from Italian residents, the UMMOA currently has no representation in Italy, and its paradiplomatic situation is unlikely to improve in the near future.

The UN Charter, the cornerstone of today's international code of laws, does not grant the right to any single state to punish another through economic sanctions. It is only the UN Security Council that has the right to slap sanctions in certain emergency situations. Yet the United States has not only violated the UN Charter by slapping sanctions on Russia, but has also encouraged the same lawlessness from the European Union (EU). Not only there is ample evidence Italy is no longer a sovereign state in any way that can be appreciated even by a micronation, but the European Union also behaves like little better than a US client state.

The Donetsk People's Republic has recently declared sanctions against a number of politicians from the United States and the European Union. The sanction list includes the US President Barack Obama, Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton, and Great Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron.

The United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA™) respects international legal standards, so it will not sanction Italy or the European Union. However, since the UMMOA had started work towards a EU Community Trade Mark (CTM), and completion of this work will not be possible without paying a large, comprehensive fee to all the governments of the EU, including Italy, the UMMOA will no longer continue this work. The UMMOA will lose significant fees already paid to American and European lawyers in the process, but it really has no choice if it doesn't wish to waste its money any further.

Being also the President and founder of the Cesidian Root (CRt), the Governor of the UMMOA is aware that exotic or alternative top-level domains (TLDs) that do not work in the IANA root can, however, work in the Cesidian Root. The Governor of the UMMOA cannot demand the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) to resolve any such domains, but he has control of exotic or alternative domains independently in the Cesidian Root, since the Cesidian Root is the one that controls these things within its root, not the IANA. However, the Governor of the UMMOA no longer believes that the European Union, being a client state of the world's most belligerent and arrogant state, can effectively and legitimately protect trademarks, or other intellectual property, even within the European Union only.

In summary, the UMMOA no longer trusts EU governments or institutions (including Italian ones) to be sufficiently sovereign or independent, sufficiently respectful of the obligations of International law (or Cesidian law for that matter), and it will no longer be deliberately involved in anything that can, even indirectly, be construed as a request for recognition from a EU government, or from the EU community as a whole.

The UMMOA is neither hypocritical, nor weak-minded. It does not recognise a state because the United Nations said so, nor will it violate International law, or encourage violations of International law, because the United States said so.

The Governor of the UMMOA is putting the international community on notice of its virtue (and kindness), and it expects nothing less from its purported national allies, or institutional partners.

The UMMOA may be little more than a lady seeking a husband in social, economic, and political terms, but it will nonetheless state what should be obvious by now: "Lady UMMOA" does not consider any EU state "marriage material", and "Lady UMMOA" is a very pretty and virtuous lady! As they say in Italian, «meglio soli che mal accompagnati». Translation: "better alone than in bad company".

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