UMMOA no longer recognises any passport or diplomatic passport

The United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA) has four national missions:
  1. to preserve human rights (Nation and State function);
  2. to physically preserve human beings and their progeny (religious and salvific function);
  3. to preserve the Earth as a perfect environment for human beings to grow in harmony with the natural environment (environmental and ecological function);
  4. to preserve as much linguistic diversity as is practical, culturally desirable, and economically feasible (linguistic and culture preserving function).
It is clear just from the list above, that the UMMOA does not exist to divide people, but to bring people together, people often claiming allegiance to one or more countries.

Russia's constitution permits Russian citizens to have dual citizenship (see Article 62). However, the holder of two passports is still considered exclusively a Russian citizen, except in cases that are provided for by specific international agreements, such as the one Russia has in place with Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

Unfortunately Russia enacted a law recently, and despite considering all Russian citizens, with very few exceptions, Russians only, Russia now imposes even criminal liabilities on those Russians who hold the passport of a second country, and who fail to declare their second citizenship, even though it doesn't even recognise that citizenship in most instances.

This means that any Ummoagian of Russian origin, who has become the holder of a second UMMOA passport, would have to report such claim within 60 days, or face fines, even though Russia does not recognise almost any second citizenship besides the Russian one, and in fact Russia doesn't even recognise the UMMOA as a nation or state.

The UMMOA Foreign Ministry has now enacted this provision: the UMMOA, and/or UMMOA Foreign Ministry, and/or any other UMMOA institution, will no longer honour passports as proof of Ummoagian, or any other nationality or citizenship, and this provision shall also include diplomatic passports. Any and all passports will be viewed as novelty items having nothing to do with nationality, citizenship, or even membership in humankind.

The UMMOA already considers economic and/or labour support of the UMMOA or UMMOA institutions such as the Cesidian Root as de facto evidence of UMMOA citizenship; later it will establish de jure evidence at its own leisure, and independently of any national or international norm, law, or convention, including the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, which the UMMOA no longer recognises in any shape or fashion.

L'AMOMU non riconosce più alcun passaporto o passaporto diplomatico

Doppia cittadinanza, nasconderla sarà reato

Hiding dual citizenship now a criminal offense in Russia
HMRD Cesidio Tallini [1, 2]
UMMOA Foreign Ministry